PRP_9430_2Dr. David Illig is the author and voice of the RightMind Programs and a licensed Psychologist. His Ph.D. is from Pennsylvania State University. He has worked in Community Mental Health, medical settings, organizational psychology, and private clinical practice. Some of his earliest graduate studies involved how our thinking (self-talk) influences both our behavior and feelings, particularly in the area of weig
ht loss.

Dr. Illig resides in Portland, Oregon where he divides his time between consulting nationally in the legal world as a trial consultant and work in the area of self-improvement. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the American Society of Trial Consultants. His self-improvement products integrate mind/body/spirit approaches. He is also the author and voice of the SuccessWorld Self-Hypnosis Programs. His areas of specialty in clinical practice involved adult victims of child abuse, subconscious processes, medical psychology, mind-body interactions, habit change, marital and sexual issues, as well as general adult therapy.

Over 1.5 million of Dr. Illig’s audio programs have been used around the world.

David spends some of his leisure time in a variety of activities including tennis, biking, jogging, cooking, gardening and fly fishing.
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