A Custom Weight Loss Program Recorded Just for You with Your name and Your issues and Your special problems and Your strengths addressed.

Dr. Illig will conduct a one-hour phone interview with you to determine solutions that address your special issues and special needs. It will be confidential and private.

iStock_000008737586_SmallA special edition of the weight loss program will be recorded using at least 50 custom messages that address you and your issues, both conscious and subconscious. Specific messages you request will be considered as well as those developed by Dr. Illig for your benefit.

“Ruth, you can do it this time. Now is the time.”

“Popcorn is starting to taste more like a bitter weed. I’m surprised the taste is changing.”

“I allow my parents to be wrong about me, back then and now.”

“I am free of the limits my parents gave me. They melt and let go.”

“I know you can do it Ruth. You are gaining power over popcorn.”

“I am made to be free and to stand on my own two feet. I stand up for myself and what I believe. My parents are free to disagree or not.”

Pay half now and the other half when your program is complete. It may take up to 30 days for completion but often less. We reserve the right to turn down the project for any reason. The cost of the personalized program with Dr. Illig is $995 for the two-disc set. $500 down-payment. It’s worth it.

Contact Dr. Illig directly at DrDavidIllig@GMail.com

RightMind Programs doesn’t require extra time in your schedule. You use it while you are doing other things, working, playing, exercising, reading, even sleeping, napping, or meditating. RM DOESN’T require you to find the time. You lay it on top of and behind things you already do….A Perfect multitasking tool.