Couple at gymHow Does RightMind Work?

TOTAL MIND AND BODY IMMERSION, It Soaks Right Into Mind and Body. The RightMind Weight Loss Program is like software programing of the mind and the body, both conscious and subconscious healthy Programming. It also fights harmful programming.

It uses many of the same techniques that are used by the billion dollar Madison Avenue advertising industry and the huge corporate food and restaurant companies. They don’t sell you a Big Mac, fries and a soda by explaining how healthy and helpful they are. They mostly sell them by “association.” Connect a big Mac to sex, beauty, hot music, youth, pleasure, bargains, ease, coolness, etc. and the brain actually builds connections to these things. Especially when we’re not fully aware they’re doing it. Repetition and immersion works all around us. Look at television, advertising, fast food marketing, and even grocery stores and packaging. They BRAINWASH us. They Body-wash us… RightMind fights back.

The RightMind program is not about a lot of information that you think about and ponder about and take notes on. The RightMind program gives you the new conclusions and “bottom lines” that you want your brain and body to operate on. It immerses you in the bottom lines you want to operate with. You receive new attitudes, new mind sets, new philosophies, new ways of looking at things. The messages feel like basic truths. Your brain receives new “instructions”, new “commands” toward health, new sets of “directions.” This RightMind program is POSITIVE AND HEALTHY Body and Brain CLEANING and BUILDING. It cleans and IT ADDS what we need. We all know these techniques work on the negative side. It’s about time we use the positive side to our healthy benefit.

Conscious and Subconscious Brain Process.

“I lost 42 lbs. using the RightMind program to boost my eating and exercise plan. And I got the boost every time I listened.” – Chris of Portland

Only a small amount of our brain process is in our awareness. The thoughts you can “hear” are only a tiny percentage of the “thinking” that is going on in your brain at the same time. Many of the “instructions” that our brain is following are also not in consciousness but are subconscious. We need to change both our conscious thinking and our subconscious thinking. Much of our subconscious “thinking” and “instruction” comes from family patterns and childhood patterns. Much of our subconscious “thinking” comes from a lifetime of subconscious programming that comes both from the environment, such as marketing and advertising. And some of it comes from unintentionally programming ourselves. Many of our actions are not done consciously either. Much of our eating behavior is not in conscious awareness, it just happens automatically. It’s controlled by subconscious process.

Affirmations and Self-talk are the types of thinking that we would like going through our mind and brain and body every day. These are the types of things that often go through the minds and brains of people who are the most successful at achieving and maintaining weight loss when using an eating and exercis
e program like you’re using. These are the types of messages that run at subconscious levels in very successful weight loss and fitness champions. Even though they are probably unaware of it. It’s also how we would like to be talked to by an honest, insightful, wise, caring, and motivating coach. It’s also the way we would like to coach ourselves to make the most progress towards our goals. The Affirmations and Self-talk turn on “programs” of thinking and feeling that influence us, mostly at subconscious levels. The affirmations and self-talk “trigger” more healthy brain patterns that work at deep levels.

This program brings a powerful consultant into your home every single day… and more importantly, deep into your inner mind and your body. This is a full-body, full-mind, full-brain , total immersion. RightMind deals with issues and behaviors that are often the hidden reasons people failed in the past. This program is designed to change the underlying patterns so you can achieve the healthy results you desire this time.

Mid age couples enjoying meal at homeIT WORKS BY:

“I had no idea I could react so differently to food. I don’t feel controlled by the food. I feel like I’m in charge of what I eat. What a difference!……….My walking has at least doubled……. It was the RightMind program that is changing this. I’ve only listened 23 times so far………… I’m going to keep on using it…….Anybody would benefit…..” – Ann Marie of Eugene

• Repetitive Positive Brain Programming that immerses you in new brain connections and reduces old damaging brain connections. This occurs in the awake but non focused state (doing other things) as well as presentation in the altered brain state of meditation, relaxation, mindfulness, or light sleep.

• Addressing both conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and images that impact weight loss in a way that gets by normal resistance and argument. Listening numerous times programs you to stick with your food program more consistently. It programs you to eat healthy foods and amounts when away from your food program and also stay with a healthy exercise program.

• Using Cognitive Restructuring of Thought Patterns and Self-Talk which support behavior and attitude changes associated with healthy weight/fitness and healthy weight loss.

• Using Indirect and repetitive exposure to helpful conclusions and truths in ways that reduce argument and resistance.

• Triggering Repetitive Association of new ways of thinking, seeing, feeling and reacting.

• Reprogramming subconscious mind sets which inhibit or reduce successful weight loss. The

RightMind statements are written to address both conscious and subconscious, logical and non logical brain structures.

• By programing to counter mass media and food marketing messages and images as well as providing exposure to healthy alternative messages which grow and expand.

• RightMind programing using tested and researched components from PTSD research. It uses elements of ACT Therapy. It uses concepts of Mindfulness Training. It uses techniques from Cognitive Behavior Therapy and findings from cognitive neuroscience. It makes use of techniques from a wide variety of therapies and psychological theories and findings.

iStock_000008737586_SmallRight and Left Messages: Louder and Softer, Two messages at the same time…

A louder message goes in one ear while a softer message goes in the other at the same time. Both are in the audible range. The brain focuses on one more than the other. Messages are received without argument or debate and go deeper. Messages are conclusions of truth, not debates.

Two messages are given at the same time, one loud and one soft, going back and forth, right to left and left to right. The messages going back and forth also have an increased impact on the brain.

“I say no to unhealthy portions.”

“Notice what is a healthy portion and what is not.”

Some thoughts on the underlying concepts of RightMindPrograms…….

Its putting words and thoughts to understandings that don’t really require words and thoughts…. but the words and thoughts will help some people who mostly process in words and thoughts…. but many people will use and love RM who don’t primarily use words and thoughts… but who use other systems more…. and part of what they will like is that RM works and feels good for those who don’t use words and thoughts mostly as well as for those who do…. It is adaptable to whoever listens.

So what is this RightMind weight loss and strengthening program and what is it doing……

Well, it is a lot of things and its doing a lot of things…. and part of the wonder of it is that the user doesn’t have to be aware of everything that is there and/or is going on. But they will know that something important and valuable is happening. And other people will be very aware and interested in all sorts of details about what is going on at various levels….

This RM program is at its deepest core about finding wounds and bringing healing to the wounds that relate to weight loss and fitness. It’s also about accessing the deepest health that’s also hard-wired into humans related to healthy weight and fitness. Humanness is about these two paradoxical issues. All humans are a combination of wounds and woundedness that needs healing at the same time all humans are this source of health and wellness that can be accessed and utilized. It’s never one or the other. It’s always both. We seem to want to pretend that we are one or the other or more of one or the other… or that one is a mistake and the other is good. That is wrong…. both are good. We are supposed to be this combination of wounds and resources, wounds and beauty…….

So that is why RM is like this movie that has both darkness and light…. and that NEITHER is a mistake. It embraces both. Our wounds are not mistakes…. humans are here to heal…we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have serious wounds to heal….. and its an ongoing process that never ends so we should get used to it and embrace it….

RightMind is also about the vast hidden universes that are us that most people want to pretend are not there. Humans are like ice bergs…. this little bit of consciousness at the tip and showing… this huge vastness underneath which is mostly what we are…. our subconscious/unconscious, but which we pretend isn’t there because it scares us, we don’t know what to do with it… or we think its a mistake. So RM is about the truth of there being the hugeness underneath….(that’s the “bad” news…) and that this hugeness is our greatest gift and miracle and we can make use of it and celebrate it and be happy to have it (that’s the “good” news….)

RM Weight Loss & Fitness is about the truth that we humans are healing beings…. healing is our essence and our core… we all have amazing healing abilities and healing is our task and duty and joy… we’re made to do it… enjoy doing it and we’re good at it…. So a RM theme is Yes, Thelma, Fred,,, you are healers and you can muck around on the inside stuff… as you are designed to do and RM will help you more easily do it. You don’t have to be scared away… you can be excited and interested in the deep insides…. You can be excited to look deep inside and find great solutions…

RM doesn’t pretend we are these little surface creatures who are just glorified robots. There is lots inside and going deeply inside is safe and good… good and safe… what we’re meant to do….. And that there are tools that can help us do the work better….

…..and this RM program is a powerful healing tool…. one that adjusts to the user, whoever they are…. This RM program is far more about the user than it is about the creator of the program. The magician in RM is the user, not Dr. David Illig…. The magic of Dr. Illig is that he is able to get out of the way and allow connections within the user that make the difference. The magic of Dr. Illig is that he created a program that works with me…. whoever me is…. Its not about him… its about us and our magic…

Another key element of RM is that all people are victims of damaging programming and that we need positive programming. High repetition indirect programming is an issue in human health. There is damaging high repetition indirect programming that needs to be defended against….. and Secondly… we also need high repetition indirect healthy programming… Both have to happen…. And we need wise and helpful information presented in a high repetition indirect and direct manner. We need to get the important information not just to the surface brain but to the deeper brain

RM does all these things….. and part of the magic of RM is that its program also tells a story, in fact many stories that are designed to go deep and become part of a persons tool box. Part of the magic of RM is that it allows you to always be doing something else you would be doing anyway, so there is never an excuse of not having time. And RM allows us to have as much focus and attention on the facts and ideas and logic as we want or don’t want, even though information is still getting inside regardless of our focus.

Just some thoughts…….. You are so right that RM has a story….

Make it part of yours…….. Dr. Illig

RightMind Programs doesn’t require extra time in your schedule. You use it while you are doing other things, working, playing, exercising, reading, even sleeping, napping, or meditating. RM DOESN’T require you to find the time. You lay it on top of and behind things you already do….A Perfect multitasking tool.