How Do You use it? Basically by Playing both the Awake Program and the Sleep/Meditation Program Frequently.

Each program is a two-disc set. Includes Two sessions, an Awake Program and a Sleep/Meditation Session.

Get-healthy-relax-and-lose-weight-on-our-programAWAKE SESSION: Typically use one to three full listens per day. You can listen to part of it a few minutes at a time if that is necessary. Some people do best with one full listen, others with three. Make playing the program a part of your life. Use the Awake program while you are doing other things. Computer use is a common activity. Reading a book or the newspaper while listening is effective. Driving or commuting to or from work is a great way to use it. Put the program on your stereo or portable player and clean house or do yard work. It’s particularly efficient to play the program while you walk or exercise. That way you accomplish two weight loss activities at the same time.

Sometime you will listen to the messages and other times you won’t seem to pay any attention to them at all. But you can know they are being heard and they are going deep inside. Notice the various effects that the program has on your eating, exercise, and overall way of living. It’s very powerful to notice that the program does influence you. Look for the influences the program is having, both large and small. Be curious, be interested.

This program is designed to be used with your eyes closed. It’s great to use when you first go to sleep and also when you are waking up. Listening in that state halfway between being wide awake and being deeply asleep is ideal. Use the program no more than two times during your sleep time. You can use the program while you are relaxing, dozing, napping, meditating, pondering or prayer. Using while stretching or doing yoga would be very effective. Some people like to read while listening as long as it’s ok to fall asleep or close your eyes for a time.

It CANNOT be used while driving, riding a bike, anything that requires your eyes be open and good balance. Use good judgement.

Record in your log the various influences you notice.

Allow the programs to work for you. Every way that they can.

This will empower the programs for you.


RightMind Programs doesn’t require extra time in your schedule. You use it while you are doing other things, working, playing, exercising, reading, even sleeping, napping, or meditating. RM DOESN’T require you to find the time. You lay it on top of and behind things you already do….A Perfect multitasking tool.