We want to build a List of Recommended Fitness Trainers and Training Facilities who use RightMind™ Programs with their fitness and weight loss clients. Adding RightMind to personal training is a sure way to increase results and satisfaction.

We are particularly interested in success stories that you allow us to share. This inspires others to greater success.

Other Products by Dr. David Illig

-Hypnosis and Subliminal Audio programs by Dr. Illig on wide range of topics available at www.SuccessWorld.com

-Witness Communication Training, Jury Research, and other Litigation Services provided by Dr. Illig at www.LitigationPsych.com


Music on the RightMind programs is played and recorded by musician Brent Gunter. His latest album is available at http://www.brentgunter.com/

“… Skillfully blends Spanish guitars with smooth rhythms and acid-jazz groves… Sure to please fans of the guitar in any genre …” ~ Mish Mash – Indie Music Review


Deepest inner individual work by phone available with international therapist Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith. Personally recommended by Dr. Illig who wrote the Forward of her just published book, Behind The Mask. http://www.infiniteconnections.us