• November 25, 2013
One Mind

“I always knew that I had more than one brain, one mind, one consciousness. It just feels right that I have a mind on the surface and others underneath. I work with both my surface mind and others underneath now… I check on what my surface feelings and emotions are. But then I also check deeper to see if there are other feelings and emotions underneath. And often there are.  And often they are different than the ones on top. Almost everything on the surface has similar reactions underneath. But they are often different.     It’s so simple as knowing the ice cream is unhealthy for me in large amounts. But underneath I have the feelings and beliefs that I will feel safe and loved if I eat the larger amount.”

“Thinking about myself and others like this really helps me understand me and them.   You have to start experimenting with this concept, this way of thinking about your self. It adds a lot to your life. You’ll feel and do better.” PI Indiana

“I can’t believe how much more understanding and insight I have now that I always consider what is operating on the surface level and then also, what is operating underneath at other levels. I swear I’m smarter and wiser, just by looking at things this way. I’m smarter at understanding myself. I’m smarter at understanding and predicting my husband. I’m smarter at understanding and predicting my kids…. And at work, you can’t believe how much more power and influence and understanding I have.”

“And it just comes from looking at things in this way… like with a new set of glasses or lenses.”

“I ask myself things like: What’s it mean on the surface? What other things could it mean underneath? I ask what does it feel like on the surface? What does it feel like underneath? What do I want on the surface? What do I want underneath? It is one of the best and most important tools I have ever learned about and its easy to use.”

“….And the RightMind Programs use this technology through and through.” Michelle, Orlando

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