• November 25, 2013
Sadness + Food

“I discovered I was mostly eating because I was so sad. I started to make progress on my depression and the pounds melted off. I discovered that the eating really wasn’t reducing my sadness or increasing my happiness. But part of me believed that it was a way to less sadness.  And overeating did feel good for a short while…but then I felt even worse.”

“I was hiding from what was really making me sad but finally started to deal with the real issues.   And I also read the research that says that healthy high levels of exercise almost always reduce depression and sadness. The exercise also helps you to figure out what’s behind the sadness.  I’m exercising frequently whether I feel sad or not… and I feel sad less.” 

“Another thing I learned from RM was to use exercise and other strategies to improve my mood before I eat. I often use some exercise or some other techniques like EFT to reduce either my tension or my sadness before I eat. Sometimes just a couple of minutes sets the better eating mood. I’m not using eating to set the mood… AS London, England

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