• November 25, 2013
Subconscious + Food

“I saw and felt the food media was basically trying to control me. RightMind convinced me this is exactly what is happening. And isn’t it amazing that the “media” isn’t really telling us what is being done to us and our family. After using RightMind and reading the information here, I feel like I’m dealing more with the truth.

The media and food marketing industry is communicating all the time with our unconscious/subconscious brains while most of the so-called experts in weight loss and obesity pretend it doesn’t even exist. No wonder we’ve been losing the battle. Now I’m fighting back.

Now I feel safer from them and I’m using my subconscious for my self. Even for my kids..for good.. We’re safer from damaging subconscious manipulations. We’re using our deeper brains to help us with eating, food, and exercise. I’ve even taught my six year old about hidden messages the advertisers are directing at kids. She is pointing them out to me and I laugh.

She’s six and she believes…. knows… she has more than one brain or mind. Look out world… here she comes…” TU Santa Fe

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