When I used it while working out my workouts were better. I worked out harder and it was easier. I worked out longer and enjoyed it more. I never would have believed it……..I told my friends ….You have to try it.

Samantha, Boulder, Co.

I play it a couple of times a day or night and it seems to work for me all the time. I even think about it and it seems to kick in gear….. My husband uses it too. I see the difference already in my body…..we do eat differently….And yes, we are hotter…ask him…

Alison & Eric LA, Ca

Jenny Craig wasn’t really working for me until I added RightMind to it….Now it’s really working. I stick to the food program. I’m working out like crazy and actually like it. I’m really getting my monies worth from Jenny Craig now…. I’m staying with it… RightMind made the difference for me….If you’re doing Jenny Craig make sure you add RightMind.

Georgia, Bend, OR

You don’t have to understand exactly how it works. I sure don’t. ….All you have to do is listen to it and and let it do its thing……. You can feel how powerful and healthy it is……. I can feel in my chest that it’s working and making a difference. All I can say is: Give it a try… you’ll see.

Carmen of SanDiego

I had no idea I could react so differently to food. I don’t feel controlled by the food. I feel like I’m in charge of what I eat. What a difference!……….My walking has at least doubled……. It was the RightMind program that is changing this. I’ve only listened 23 times so far………… I’m going to keep on using it…….Anybody would benefit…..”

Anne Marie of Eugene

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