What is EFT/Tapping and Why Add it to both RightMind programs and SuccessWorld Programs?

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Most users of RightMind Programs and SuccessWorld programs will be able to significantly increase the positive impact of my programs by ADDING some EFT/tapping sequences while you play the usual programs. 

What is “EFT” or “tapping?”

It is a both a self-help and therapeutic treatment approach that makes use of subconscious/ unconscious brain and body mechanisms. It is a technique that is being used to treat severe PTSD from military experiences and other traumatic events such as mass shootings, rape, violent encounters, auto accidents, significant losses, and disappointments, and all the way to long-ago child abuse, sexual abuse, childhood wounds and childhood hurts. It is being used to help people deal with serious physical illness, chronic and acute, as well as pain management, phobia, stress and anxiety, depression and sadness, and other psychological issues.

It is also being used for everyday issues

such as procrastination, money management, financial success, self-esteem and self-confidence as well as sports performance at all levels, general stress reduction and calming. There is hardly an issue you can mention that some therapist, somewhere, isn’t using EFT, tapping, with some pretty good results. Even skeptical therapists and physicians are using it and getting surprisingly good results.

An interesting aspect is that this isn’t just a technique that almost every psychologist, therapist, counselor, physician, nurse, chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist should learn and master.

Almost every “civilian” should also learn to use it, and have it as a tool in their tool box, as a self-help tool, mostly to help yourself… but sometimes to help others also.

Even children and teenagers are learning and using tapping to help themselves. Parents are using it with their children.

It is somewhat rare that civilians should learn to use the same tools as “professionals.” (…..Hey, I just happen to have a laser scalpel in my fishing box, maybe I could take care of that tumor of yours…. ?) And it must be clear that we’re not supposed to do things that are better left to the real professionals. And people often do attempt to deal with things that a professional should be dealing with… (….just ask Home Depot or Lowe’s about electrical work that shouldn’t be done by amateurs…)

Energy-Tapping-Points-Male- hand 440x800 hand removed

However, there are some tasks that we can handle on our own if we do learn the basics of working a hammer, a saw, or a screw driver…Its about JUDGMENT and WISDOM, and THINKING and being CAREFUL.

And if in doubt, bring on a professional who uses EFT/tapping. 

I originally trained in EFT about 15 years ago. It often has various names. It has been called TFT…. Thought Field Therapy… Energy Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques….. Tapping. Although having a number of different names and different people credited with creating it, there are several important themes and approaches that are agreed to.

One, it perceives the human body/mind/consciousness as being a complex interacting series of “fields,” “energy fields.”

This approach of “energy psychology” seems to be getting growing support from brain research, consciousness research, and even complex physics. Complex physics is just recently adopting acceptance of complex fields that spread throughout the entire Universe, and between all matter and energy. It was not long ago that such beliefs were literally laughed at and considered “unscientific.” Now dark energy and dark matter are discussed in daily newspapers.

Secondly, which makes it perfect for SuccessWorld and RightMind,

 EFT, Tapping, assumes that all humans are made up of surface, conscious processes, and that there are even more of the same present at various levels of subconscious/unconscious processes. 

We have emotions, beliefs, attitudes, expectations, values, rules, memories,  commands, laws, permissions, blocks, freedoms, etc., etc., on the surface and also underneath.

Thirdly, Energy Psychology and EFT theorizes that various issues and patterns can basically get stuck or frozen in these fields of humanness, such that we are limited or even harmed.

Traumatic events, painful events, memories, woundedness, patterns, habits, beliefs, emotions, images, conclusions, reactions, expectations, even pain, etc. can get lodged/trapped in our energy fields. They can stay entrapped, entangled in our fields for years or decades. They can drastically influence almost everything we do and experience. Both the fields and what is caught in them is mostly at the unconscious/subconscious level. EFT, tapping, is a method for releasing and relieving these stuck situations and places.

The different approaches to Tapping make use of some of the several thousand-year-old acupuncture or acupressure points on the human body to access our fields. It has been found that you can release blockages by simply tapping on a sequence of these body spots with your fingers, at the same time as you say or think certain types of phrases related to what you are working on, related to what might be entrapped, ensnared, entangled, frozen in human energy fields.

Sometime what is entangled is just a set of symptoms, such as anxiety or tension…. Most of the time there is something ensnared, entangled, buried, frozen into place, that creates the symptoms. The cause of the symptom is buried deeper. For example, Anxiety is the symptom that is caused by a long ago sense of danger, risk, terror from teenage years that got frozen in time…. as if time does not exist, it was stuck in the fields, even long ago. At the least, tapping forces there to be both a body and mind interaction with various issues. And all issues do seem to combine both body/mind processes. Change is more likely when interventions involve some aspect of mental, cognitive, emotional and body interactions.

Most users of RightMind Programs and SuccessWorld programs will be able to significantly increase the positive impact of my programs by ADDING some tapping sequences while you play the usual program. 

Its optional… you can use it as often as you like… and when it seems practical. And when it feels helpful. You can experiment with how often you add the tapping sequence… when and how you add it….

You can just add the tapping sequences without any phrases…just using the theme of the SW/RM program you are using and how it applies to you.

Or you can also add tapping phrases. You can either pause the audio program, while you do the phrases… or you can simply leave the program play while you say the phrases either aloud or to yourself.


Fine tuning the phrases to fit your exact nature and past, your exact language is important, rather than using more general, generic phrases. The general are very good, your custom fit phrases are the best. You can experiment.

You add either the generic phrases or your own phrases to the tapping and do the tapping with phrases during the SW/RM session. I am also including the instructions about how to create your own phrases.


I am including the instructions on EFT/tapping first on the SuccessWorld website, soon it will be on RightMind also.
This includes a picture and description of the tapping points. It also includes two sample scripts, one on stress and one on weight loss, each is a generic set of phrases that you can also edit to fit yourself perfectly.

Remember, you can increase the positive impact on SW and RM programs just by doing the tapping sequence on the pressure points  during the audio program. It takes very little effort and can make a huge positive difference.

Two New Programs Coming Soon…. to a brain/body near you..hopefully yours…. A New Innovative Approach Combining Proven Methods.

In the next month or so I am going to create two EFT/tapping programs that will be available for sale on the web sites. One will be on Weight Loss/Eating/Exercise and the other will be on Stress Reduction/Anxiety Release. These programs will combine techniques of EFT with hypnotic techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson, father of modern hypnosis, as well as approaches developed with RightMind Programs. It is interesting to think how Dr. Erickson would have added EFT to his masterful and insightful approaches. He certainly wouldn’t have thrown out his time tested methods… He would have creatively added the EFT approaches to what he did… or he would have added his advanced hypnotic approaches to what people usually did with EFT.

My new programs will combine these powerful approaches, perhaps in ways that few if anybody ever has. Even in these talks about EFT, some of you will notice at times that I couldn’t help drifting into some of the hypnotic patterns you are familiar with, if you have used my hypnotic programs in the past. I do understand… as Erickson understood, that you do have an unconscious mind… and that I can speak to all of your minds… and they can all listen…. oops…. there I go again…. These new programs will only be available by MP3 download and will each cost only $20.

Select here to go to the Training Module to learn how to Do EFT and add it to SW and RM…. There is both a written version of the training as well as an audio version.
The training will allow you to use EFT in a variety of ways and for a wide range of issues. You’ll come away with an important tool. And it only costs some time…. Its valuable…. but FREE!

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