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RightMind Programs to Re-Program Your Brain

Dr. David Illig’s RightMind audio Programs are designed to powerfully influence

your brains/minds, both Conscious and Subconscious, by using new advances in brain research.
Your body is also powerfully improved.

Audio Program Benefits

Workout Smarter

Lifelong patterns and attitudes around exercise and physical activity will change.

Eating Habit Changes

Your eating and food patterns will begin to change through repetitive use of our audio programs.

Customer Stories



“How was I supposed to know that I was afraid I’d leave my marriage if…
Subconscious + Food

Subconscious + Food

“I saw and felt the food media was basically trying to control me. RightMind convinced…
One Mind

One Mind

“I always knew that I had more than one brain, one mind, one consciousness. It…
Sadness + Food

Sadness + Food

"I discovered I was mostly eating because I was so sad. I started to make…