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Increase the Results you get from Jenny Craig®, NutriSystem®, Weight Watchers®, Optifast® or any packaged food program; A Special RightMind™ Strengthening Program for Packaged Food Programs.

best-way-to-lose-weightYes, we have created a second downloaded program that is especially written to boost, magnify, amplify, increase the results you obtain from Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Weight Watchers, Optifast, or any other packaged-food program. You will be more able to stay with your program the way you want. You will get more out of your food program than you would obtain if you weren’t including the RightMind Strengthening program. RightMind will protect your investment in the food program. RightMind will help you get more out of your investment. The Packaged Food program is in the same format as the general RightMind Weight Loss program. However, there are very specific messages addressing your use of the plan’s foods and diet. The RightMind program is completely compatible with your program.


Jenny Craig® + RightMind™ = a much more powerful and effective program for you.

NutriSystem® + RightMind™ = a much more powerful and effective program for you.

Weight Watchers® + RightMind™ = a much more powerful and effective program for you.

Optifast® + RightMind™ = a much more powerful and effective program for you.

Any packaged food program + RightMind is much more powerful and effective than the packaged food program is alone. How to do it? It’s very easy. Select the Buy Now button. This will take you to the order page. Then SELECT the Packaged Food Program for $24. This will get you all four download tracks of the Food Program two-disc set.


“Jenny Craig wasn’t really working for me until I added RightMind to it….Now it’s really working. I stick to the food program. I’m working out like crazy and actually like it. I’m really getting my monies worth from Jenny Craig now…. I’m staying with it… RightMind made the difference for me….If you’re doing Jenny Craig make sure you add RightMind.”

-Georgia, Bend, OR

“Anybody who is using any of the packaged food programs would get more for their money and better results if they added RightMind to what they do. It’s a no brainer….”

-Elizabeth, Orlando


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4 Track Packaged-Food Program for Weight Loss & Fitness
(Jenny Craig® Weight Watchers® NutriSystem® etc.) $24


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RightMind Programs doesn’t require extra time in your schedule. You use it while you are doing other things, working, playing, exercising, reading, even sleeping, napping, or meditating. RM DOESN’T require you to find the time. You lay it on top of and behind things you already do….A Perfect multitasking tool.